Case Study: FareText

The Challenge

FareText had decided to develop a new product that would push the boundaries on SMS technology and deliver a service unmatched to anything that existed in the market. Intuitive by nature and again lead by a real problem, FareText were driven to develop a product that could be used by anyone whilst providing security and reliability that was second to none. The mission was to develop a piece of software that was feature rich and intuitively easy to use. The software would be capable of custom bulk messaging, comprehensive reporting tracking of SMS campaigns and much more. Having done their research, FareText were confident that we could deliver on the development and position them in leading position, delivering an unrivalled product.

The Product

For FareText, we developed a business management portal for the management of all their SMS related services. The portal was integrated into their current website and also coupled as a reseller platform for users of FareText to rebrand, sell and integrate into the websites of their own users. This particular application was an extension of FareText’s current system but would include a far richer set of features, including the following:


Send SMS

As part of this application, customers are able to send single messages or choose to send large SMS campaigns to an unlimited amount of contacts or groups of contacts stored in their address book. Alternatively, if users don't already have contacts added to their contact list, users have the power to upload contact lists from CSV files stored on their computer.

Scheduled Messages

With the schedule campaign feature, the user has the option to schedule campaigns at any point in the future and even reschedule on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Furthermore, the user has the ability to update any of the details of the campaign with ease using the tools made available.


The ability for users to add a keyword to any outgoing message allows for an easy way to manage OPT-OUT requests and interact with customers. Users can generate custom keywords and tie them to a reply number of their choice. The customer simply replies with the keyword and the response is handled accordingly. With the practises stipulated by GDPR it was paramount that we effectively captured all OPT-OUT requests for any campaigns sent out. For OPT-OUT requests, the application captures the replying number and stores it to a database, removing this number from any future campaigns. Using keywords can be a great tool to leverage marketing and advertisements when used to promote services or product offerings. Customers can engage with such campaigns with ease and again, the application will handle each response seamlessly depending on how the user chooses configure this feature.

Inbound replies

Managing customer replies is handled with ease with users being able to create multiple reply numbers (virtual numbers) that can be assigned to any campaign or SMS message. Coupled with special Keywords, users have the perfect solution for interacting with target audiences for both marketing and notification purposes. All replies are stored to the users inbox, where new contact lists can be created for any future campaigns.

SMS Tracking

Monitoring customers engagement is made easy with the powerful URL mini link feature which can be added to any outgoing campaign. Using the tools provided, URLs can be converted into unique mini-links, assigned to each message in any campaign. Using this feature allows for users to track how many times a link may have been clicked and is a great way or creating reports and evaluating conversion rates.

Delivery Reporting

Users are always kept in the loop of the status of any campaign with the reporting feature included in the application. The reporting feature details the time in which the message has been sent, received and if there have been any issues with the network during the sending of the campaign.


With so many features available in this application, FareText felt it was important that the usage of each feature and tool could be digested easily and using an intuitive wizard tool we have done exactly that. As soon as the user signs into their account they have access to a powerful wizard tool which will guide the user through the application, from sending a single SMS message to an advanced campaign with keywords, scheduling and URL tracking.

Project Info

  • Client: FareText

  • Date: June 2018

  • Type: Web Application

Client Testimonial

Creative developers with a solid grasp on the reality of how customers will use the end product. The hard-working guys at Blue Grape offer something different – they are able to take your concept, build on it, tinker with it, shine it to a high-gloss and produce something far beyond your expectations. We now have a solid piece of software, that is standalone, feature-packed, easy on the eye, scalable and most importantly user-friendly. We’re so happy with the end result and the relationship we have built with James and Leon that we are already working on the next project.

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