Case Study: INAT

The Challenge

With the frustrations of expensive fees charged by recruitment companies in the education sector, the idea of INAT was born. Typically schools would reach out to recruiters in order to find both full time and part time staff. Although there was a huge reluctance to use this process, the convenience and lack of other options was normally enough justification for recruiters to take control. Passionate about changing this situation, INAT was dedicated to turn the process on its head and reshape the future of recruitment in the education sector. The proposal was to allow for teachers and schools to communicate with one another via an app to post and apply for jobs, eliminating the need for recruiters and expensive fees that were associated.

The Product

For INAT both a mobile and a desktop cloud based application were developed. The benefit of providing both platforms allowed for schools to communicate with teachers from the comfort on their work environment and teachers looking for work would be able to communicate conveniently on the go.


Instant messaging

The communication channel between schools and teachers is achieved using a real time messaging service integrated into the app and utilising push notification technology, all users of the app receive messages directly to their phone or desktop much like an SMS text. The use of this technology means that even when a user does not have the application open, messages are sent in real time and will still appear on screen, a service that is completely free to use.

Job management

Using the job management feature, teachers can post jobs detailing the position and dates associated. The post is then published in the app in real time, waiting for teachers with the relevant skills and experience to apply for the role. IN response to the post, with a couple a clicks , teachers can submit their interest and subsequently will then be notified of anyone who has shown interest. Again, all of the interactions that take place in the app in real time.

Real Time Notifications

All interactions, pending job posts and messages are viewable using the notifications panel. This feature ensures that all users are kept updo date and never miss the opportunity to apply for new roles, or engage with new applicants.

Interactive Calendar

Using the interactive calendar makes posting a position a breeze, the user simply selects the date/s they would like to post a position and role is automatically updated with this information. This is a great tool for both the schools and teachers, schools are able to view teachers availability, depending on any jobs they have applied for and teachers have instance access to the detail of any job via this tool.

Personal Profile

Each user of the application has a personal profile area in which they can update their personal details, upload certificates, qualifications and previous work experience that they may have undertaken.


Towards the front of the application is an intuitive dashboard that allows for users to navigate quickly around each of the core features. Users using the dashboard can quickly post new positions, search for schools/teachers and view vacancies or availability using the interactive calendar.

Project Info

  • Client:

  • Date: December 2017

  • Type: Web Application & Mobile Application


INAT was a startup project that blue grape developed. There was a need for change in the recruitment sector specifically around teaching.

This application was developed to make it easier for schools and teachers to get supply positions.

If you feel this application could be adapted to your industry please feel free to contact us.

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